End Of Our Days

by After Dusk

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    Comes in a lovely hand-numbered Digi-pack with 16-page booklet. Artwork by Efi Theohari.

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Debut album from the Gothic-Rock band "After Dusk". It contains 12 original compositions, plus one cover and comes in a limited edition digipak with a 16-page booklet.
True Gothic-Rock in the tradition of the well known classics such as The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim etc that also combines some modern and personal elements.
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"Per gli amanti del genere, peccato mortale non possedere questo lavoro" (For fans of the genre, it is a mortal sin to not own this work) - Mr. Moonlight on www.erbadellastrega.it

"End Of Our Days is the stunning debut album from Greece’s AFTER DUSK. One of the best Gothic Rock albums since Elusive’s Destination Zero! On my fourth listen and still growing. Definately more exciting than a lot of Goth Rock bands that have reformed or are producing diluted musical offerings compared to their former glories.The album is laden with songs which have the potential to become Gothic dancefloor hits. AFTER DUSK – 3 talented musical Fingers in a Black Leather Glove who deliver a mighty Gothic Rock punch!" - DJ De'Ath


released October 7, 2013



all rights reserved


After Dusk Athens, Greece

A gothic/rock band deeply influenced by the sound of legendary bands in the genre like The Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilm, carries on in the same tradition while also adding some new and personal elements.

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Track Name: Strange Aeons' Signs
Trapped in this world,
this world of endless dogma end fall
Trapped in this life,
a life of broken vision and hopes
I love you more,
I love you more than ever before
I ask your lore,
your lore to bring me back and beyond

When the moon turns blue
and the stars align

Strange aeons signs
In memory of desire
Take me by your side
and keep my flame alive

Strange aeons signs
Exiles of delight
Deep in my dreams
and deeper in my mind

Under moonrise,
moonrise that spawned all the legends and tales
Under old planes,
old planes that draw me inside their core
Haunted beloved,
give me a signal and i will reborn
At your threshold,
night grants me wisdom, courage and force
Track Name: End Of Our Days
changes we're going through,oppress
our visions and our memories
can cause our promises to sink in decay

whispers are spreading through the winds
sowing suspicion and discord
words spoken falsifying what once was so real

Last train to ride
Last fare to pay
Haste shall destroy those who stand in the way
Hopes of the past are beginning to fade
All of our dreams we dispelled
End of our days

tension's arising silently
bringing betrayal and mistrust
past offerings suddenly appear as a curse

retribution, hanging from the stars
a presence felt in candlelight
a nightmare constantly keeps haunting our minds

what are these lies for?
and what is this crying for?
where will this path lead?
and when will this war cease?
Track Name: Under Dismay
In search for everlasting light
the darkness blocks your view
You wander helpless in the night
unable to come through

some paths in subconscious are meant to stay beyond sense
you'll find out along the way
Awaken in anguish,demons so hard to banish
A struggle under dismay

To mess with planes you're not aware of
is certainly unwise
Experiments without precaution
can cause a vile surprise

Such hard quests require certain skills
a sharp inner sight
To stride on the secrets within
will blur napping minds
Track Name: Insight
What if we have lost the way
A feigned show that we evade
For so many years in haze
A profound elite awaits

Evoking the ancient spirit of lore
Calling the winds, staring the dawn
The unnatural man to eliminate
Return to the old, define the fate

Like bolts of lightning cutting the sky
Like deafening voices into the night
Breaking the silence of chilling fright
Descend, be revealed with glory and bring

In sinister times of stealth
A faith sold at any price
But in a new age we tread
The logic breaks down all lies
Track Name: The Bitter Love
This last point we have reached
Words are needless to speak
All mistakes have engraved
In our lives
You always get what you deserve
I never have what I expect
Racking thoughts are spinning
In my mind

In this case
walk away

The bitter love is when you leave
desert plains and pitch black
Better wise and grieved
Than a fool in glee

There’s such a distance in our views
Nothing left to gain or lose
Like a journey to nowhere
End of trail
You have led us on this edge
It’s the time for my revenge
Future seems uncertain
Dreams have failed
Track Name: Ghouls In Disguise
Deep dark night is folding,
I know I dreamt of this,
it seems like a century
when I lost my faith and never found it
Feels like heaven feels like hell
I realize I cant escape
whats happening
when hopes are broken and forgotten

In this long mortal path
no saint left for guidance

Shatter the daydreams,
visions of truth clear the lies
angels you worship,
are nothing but ghouls in disguise

Images keep haunting,
you don’t know where to place
your trust any more
no sympathy is ever given
Disappointment and despair,
your prayers never seem to reach anyone
the confessional's left cold and empty

and as the lights dim,
old memories come crawling
demanding to take place
in a fragile reality
Track Name: The Seas Of Infinity
The mighty stone city lays down at the depth,
lost and forgotten through dateless descent
Massive rock walls guard the secret inside
abnormal geometry,stunning design

Hear the call,through your soul!

Between the seas of infinity
we dwell in islands of ignorance
Roaming in mists of ambiguity
remain stranded!

Between the seas of infinity
we dwell in islands of ignorance
Roaming in mists of ambiguity
not meant to voyage far!

Imprisoned through the ages
Prone forever
Messaging believers in their sleep

Quietly waiting
Dead but dreaming
Emersion will take place when stars align

The old tome of horrors tells mystical words
which unlock the Gates to the parallel worlds
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
when strange aeons come even death may die!

Human is far from ageless
common life can never walk alone

They came,before existence
The Old Ones were,are and always be

Not in familiar spaces,
they stay undimensioned and unseen

Comeback of the Ancients
vengeance they will take upon their foes
Track Name: Midnight
As the night is spreading,
veils the glaring day
Distress and fright are coming,
Certainty fades away

Evil hungers for blood,
Who’s gonna face the threat?
Smoking barrels stick out,
The “guys” are back in town

Here comes the zero hour!

When the children of darkness stand up
All the gates still remain wide shut
The horizon is left desolate,
Let the brave show the way

Bullets start to whistle,
In outlawed regions’ fire
Hunters’ frantic mission
Welcome to the rough, wild side

Walking on the tightrope
Who’s gonna pay the price?
Angry fangs are snarling
“A Vampire never dies”

Evil hungers for blood
Smoking barrels stick out
Black winds,fire and flood
Vampires and Hunters
Track Name: Take Me Far Away
I can’t understand where we are lead
The modern culture’s like a plague
A material world that grinds the flesh
I call your name, grant my request.

Take me far away
To that old place
back of beyond
Where i belong

I can’t understand these shallow men
That deal beliefs till they get burned
The time of semblance blurs ideas,
Escape right now, the end is near.

Take me far away
To that old place
back of beyond
Where i belong
Track Name: With Curses And Dreams
In eerie times before man became dazzled
Thousands of years ago
Drawn in the vortex of a great battle
Captive of divine law
Parallel worlds, the truth they banish
Perception is victimized
but None of the Things that are, can Perish
the quest restores our sight

...and still phosphorus shines
hold the utmost lines

Eternal expecting
for final emergence
Eager awakening
The raid will commence

Lost in the darkness
and missing at sea
Unveiled in illusions
with curses and dreams

The flame of wisdom was shared among mankind
A deed unfairly condemned
The forbidden seed that fell on the dry ground
Has slowly grown in the end
A confident walk straight to the higher plains
Balanced through fire and ice
But sometimes to reach the final purpose
You need to sacrifice

Lost in the darkness
and missing at sea
Unveiled in illusions
with curses and dreams

...and still phosphorus shines
hold the utmost lines

Eternal expecting
for final emergence
Eager awakening
The raid will commence
New Age is coming
Deceivers are fleeing
Forthcoming rage
Will blow down all the trees
with curses and dreams
Track Name: Raise Your Eyes
With a sense of clear view
we wander through this world
and high emotions
reflections of our soul
All recollections
that keep us pure and real
a pleasant perfume
reversion and ordeal

as evil whispers, mystify the way
a will of iron, will not obey

Raise your eyes
up to the sky
Cause we don’t feel
misery’s strikes

Time flows
under lies
A world in vain
out of mind

Day by day
People break away
Bright old stories
faded through the grey
The secret circles
untouched until the end
Distant horizons
For some remain a trend

Dread the warmth of love?
Dread the cruelty of hate?
Feel the ecstasy of pleasure
Feel the agony of pain
Track Name: Revelations Of Rebirth
They descend from the mighty dark sun
To bring the waterage in land
The confrontation is at hand
and now they start!

In the mystic fields of fire
and subconscious idols, they define
Prepared the ground for total truth
that will reign forever in our lives
Raging flood, the Pisces fade
and from chaos order will prevail
Stormy winds from eldest curse
that will usher us in the Aethyrs.

In these cloudy thoughts
Meant for the lost
Bring out the cost!

Insight enflames the rash belief
Gives the daring soul relief
Masked delusions, deadlock bound
Burning to the groun.
Current times are in deflect
Revelations of rebirth
Masked delusions, deadlock bound
Burning to the ground.

New world rulers standing high
and the crowd’s applause tears up the sky
Don’t be reckless with these Sirens
that’s the vertex of the omens
All the paths of light and darkness
guide the Will into same passes
Awaken spirit mind your way
shun the traps, don’t go astray

They descend from the mighty dark sun
To bring the waterage in land
The confrontation is at hand
And here they are!
Track Name: Nosferatu (Paul Roland Cover)
He dines alone in empty rooms with sweet bouquet of withered blooms,
His teeth long rotted to the root he sucks the pulp of bruised fruit.
Gone the bearing and the grace, sad sunken eyes and charmel face,
He'll dye his hair and paint his nails and rouge the cheeks that aging pales.

Nosferatu he sleeps the restless sleep of the undead.

And when he stands before the glass no reflection does he cast,
This vile disease that taints his line burns the fabric of his mind.
He writes accursed in his bed, the wretched sleep of the undead,
The slow parade of faded friends, the long dark sleep that never ends.

His great house weeps with rank decay, he walks by night and sleeps by day,
He'll rail the Reaper, curse him low, he who waits and mocks him so.